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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Toyota Cup

Liverpool 0 Sao Paolo 0.. got a phone call from Mary Ann before the kick off.. dia call aku tanya prediction aku utk final.. and i said 3-0.. what an optimus prime to the Liverpool team.. but the game very syiok one.. Liverpool control the game and the Brazilian team just put6 defender to defend their goal post.. hahah... but i thik Liverpool bukan lawan 11 opponents but tambah lagi 3 orang (Refferi + 2 linesman or shud i said referi kayu or referi plywood?).. but still proud with the team.. ok la but still tak paham Rafa punya tactical seba tak he put Crouch and Cisse behind to perangat juboq dekat bench.. still wonder why this two tak main 1st eleven eventhough they played well masa lawan Saprissa ditambahkan lagi Crouch score 2 bijik.. but getting worst Garcia still tamak dan nak try goreng/gelecek 2-3 org opponent baru nak pass or loose the posession.. tapi today feel ok la jugak sebab ada benda nak share with all of you.. Thanks to Eddie

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