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Monday, February 06, 2006

Chel$i 2 Liverpool 0

Fuck.. kalah lagi... i dont understand pasai apa Rafa still guna formation 4-5-1.. nampak sgt main utk seri.. last2 kalah jugak... masa kat Anfield pun still guna formation yang sama 4-5-1, last2 kena lunyai 4-1.. ampehh.. and oso kenot understand why Rafa still prefer 1 striker utk strike force and still field Crouch yang tanduk tak penah on target semalam and tak boleh hold bola.. ermm.. oso Cel$i player oso good in berlakon laa.. ampehh.. and this one 10 facts from Golf Addix about Cel$i Liverpool match

errrr some 10 facts u dont know abt today game (some previleges donning chelsea colours):

1. u can pull yr opponent down without being penalised
2. u are allowed to provoke players so that they will react and get sacked
3. robben thinks he being rob but he does rotten
4. handling other players are makele meleleh expertise
5. scream like hell when some red players snuggle to u as if u r hit by a lorry
6. have tons of money and buys glory
7. make more trip to russia
8. gallas ...
9. they celebrate like they won european cup ... but they did not
10.they wont be euro champs , coz if liverpool dont won it , barcelona will crush them to pieces


At 12:49 PM, Blogger PrincessRen said...

gosh i was thinking the same thing last nite. i pun tak faham si Rafa. Mmg fuck all the chelsea players.. mmg pandai berlakon. weh chelsea baiki lu punyer padang dulu lah.. blah lah. kaya kedekut nak mampos!!!

At 4:33 PM, Blogger JohnLabu said...

tunggu game lawan charlton plak la... aduhh tak tido lagi khamis ni

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Arief Shah. said...

hahahaa....kena pandai berlakon ma...hahaa.....emmm...MU..rules...hahhahahaaa..rules...


At 6:03 AM, Blogger Golf Addix said...

football at its worst years. if this is what Premier League is getting from the foreign players , then in long term Football will suffer. Money & theatherical injuries will soon make the game too expensive either to play or even to watch it.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger JohnLabu said...

aku baca dekat web robben kata lepas kena tolak ngan reina (read kena tolak after provoke reina) dia kena admit kat hospital pasai injury teruk.. lawak sungguh.. sah2 nampak sgt berlakon


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