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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Prolink ADSL Modem/Router

After buat troubleshoot terhegeh2 lonely, i mean lonely because no other person will help me on this because only me and boss in IT Dept.. fuck!! after cracking my ball troubleshoot Mdaemon, hub/switch, check for windows update for all users, updating virus definition forr all user then i found that something happen for the Prolink Access Point.. when somebody, i mean somebody or user yang microsoft words or excel hang pun dia call up IT Dept and claim that his/her pc/notebook kena virus connected to that AP than the networking akan jadi weng... i dont know why.. but kalau ada org connectes to that AP the LED blinking like hell.. ampeh betui.. unplugged that AP from the hub and observe.. let see how the email server flow... kalau smooth need to replace that AP la.. BTW the model for that is Prolink Hurricane 900G.. need to be settle by tomorrow as as the bonus is coming soon... hahahahah


At 5:25 PM, Blogger PrincessRen said...

heheh.. mamat. aku guna Prolink Hurricane 9000W laaa..


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